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NCAT Consulting Services

Since 1999, NCAT has conducted state and national programs to demonstrate that it is possible to improve student learning and reduce instructional costs. NCAT’s well-tested methodology has been used in a wide range of academic areas and types of courses at nearly 200 institutions across the United States. In response to many requests, NCAT has launched a consulting service to provide greater assistance to campuses that want to implement large-scale course redesigns.

The consulting services are led by Dr. Carolyn Jarmon, NCAT vice president. Consulting services will be organized to fit the needs and goals of the institution or organization seeking assistance. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Visits to campuses to introduce the principles of course redesign focusing on issues of curriculum and pedagogy, administrative matters, assessment and evaluation efforts, and implementation issues;
  • Consultation via telephone or in-person with campus leaders and experienced faculty seeking to organize a course redesign program spanning multiple departments in the institution and modeled on the NCAT methodology;
  • Consultation via telephone or in-person related to plans for redesign or redesigns that are underway but not moving smoothly;
  • Grant-writing assistance in planning a course redesign program proposal to be submitted to an outside funder;
  • Recommendations for an appropriate Redesign Scholar to assist institutions in completing a redesign in a chosen academic area; and,
  • Speeches to groups and organizations on course redesign including national and regional associations and organizations, state systems of higher education, community college districts and individual campuses 

Consulting services are engaged on a per-event basis or as part of a longer relationship with NCAT, depending on the scope of the request. To learn more about these services, contact Carolyn at