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The Redesign Alliance   


Corporate Associates receive all benefits of Redesign Alliance membership plus 1) one company workshop annually conducted by NCAT staff or NCAT Redesign Scholars as appropriate, and 2) related follow-up telephone and email advice and counsel throughout the year. Workshop may be designed for an internal company audience or an external audience.

Internal: A member of the NCAT team will conduct a day-long workshop to discuss NCAT’s programs in depth and how course redesign affects the company’s business. This workshop can be targeted at the executive level, the sales force level or some combination of both. The goal will be to give the company general knowledge of course redesign principles, provide examples of institutions that are successfully partnering with publishers and others to improve learning and reduce costs, and address specific business questions provided in advance by the company.

External: NCAT will help the company plan a professional development workshop for its client base/prospects, using course redesign as a theme and using successful NCAT projects that have used the company’s materials as case studies. NCAT will help you identify NCAT Redesign Scholars to serve as case studies. A member of the NCAT team can facilitate the workshop and/or give a keynote presentation.
NOTE: The company will pay travel and lodging expenses for NCAT staff or Scholars.

The company may exhibit at any NCAT or Redesign Alliance event where corporate exhibits are planned for a discounted rate.