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The partner, in consultation with NCAT, determines two specific activities to be conducted with NCAT annually. The following are examples of such activities and are meant to be suggestive rather than definitive.

  • Focus Groups. NCAT will work with the partner to assemble focus groups from participants in NCAT course redesign programs in any curricular area where redesigns have been accomplished.  NCAT will help you identify potential participants based on what you are trying to learn, will issue invitations and will help structure the focus group.  NCAT staff will also participate if desired.
  • Strategies for Documenting the Impact of Course Redesign. NCAT will help the partner develop a strategy and methodology for documenting how using partner products in a course redesign has improved student learning and reduced instructional cost. Such documented cases can be featured on the partner’s web site, marketing collateral and other formats.
  • Sales Force Briefing. A member of the NCAT team will be available to brief your sales force at the national sales meeting on NCAT’s work in course redesign. The goal will be to give the sales team general knowledge of course redesign principles, examples of institutions that are successfully partnering with publishers and other vendors to improve learning and reduce costs, and knowledge of the partner /NCAT partnership.
  • Redesign Workshops for Key Clients or Prospects. NCAT will help plan the partner plan a professional development workshop for its client base / prospects, using course redesign as a theme and using successful NCAT programs that have used partner materials as case studies. NCAT will help you identify NCAT Redesign Scholars to serve as case studies. A member of the NCAT team can facilitate the workshop and/or give a keynote presentation.

NOTE: The partner will pay NCAT staff travel and lodging expenses for any activity that involves NCAT staff travel.

In addition, all corporate partners receive the following benefits:

Redesign Alliance Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

NCAT will invite the partner to participate in and exhibit when appropriate at Redesign Alliance conferences, seminars and workshops, which are open to the higher education community. The partner’s participation will be highlighted, identifying it as a firm associated with cutting-edge initiatives. NCAT will provide the partner with a copy of participant lists in advance of the event.

♦ NCAT Newsletter

NCAT will feature the partner in its quarterly electronic newsletter, The Learning MarketSpace, which is widely distributed throughout the higher education community. We will provide you with guidelines and deadlines for submitting brief articles for the newsletter.

♦ NCAT Web Site

NCAT will feature the partner on its web site,

♦ Redesign Project Visits

Partner representatives are invited to visit redesign projects in progress. We will keep you updated on opportunities as they arise and make any needed introductions.

♦ Promotion of the NCAT Partnership

The partner is welcome to promote its relationship with NCAT on its web site, in marketing collateral and press releases.  All we ask is that language is vetted by NCAT before publication and logo use guidelines are adhered to.

♦ Marketing Materials

The partner may wish to use results from NCAT programs where the partner’s materials were used in their marketing materials. As long as appropriate permissions are secured, NCAT will work with the partner to secure user results and testimonials for use on the partner’s web site and success stories on your web site and marketing collateral.

NOTE: Companies must register for all events at the Redesign Alliance member rate.