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The Redesign Alliance

Corporate Memberships

One of NCAT’s primary goals is to forge closer ties between the content and technology sectors and those in the higher education community engaged in cutting-edge redesign. Our vision is that these relationships will lead to a greater awareness about products and services that have already been developed as well as what needs to be developed to better serve students. Through one-on-one contact, focus groups, workshops and meetings, NCAT helps facilitate meaningful dialog between higher education companies and the various programs and institutions with which NCAT works.

NCAT offers four levels of affiliation for companies to become involved in course redesign:

Benefits to Companies

Institutions that undertake a large-scale course redesign use learning resources that have been developed by publishers and software developers as well as materials that have been designed by faculty and others at higher education institutions. No matter what the membership level, corporate members of the Alliance work with NCAT to learn how and why both new and traditional learning materials are being used. They also:

  • have firsthand access to cutting-edge redesign projects by observing and interacting with NCAT staff and experienced faculty as they engage students with content and with one another;
  • are able to better understand how institutions use or would like to use technology-based learning materials in high-demand, large-enrollment courses;
  • are able to rate their company’s learning materials against those offered by other companies, learning what their materials’ strengths and weaknesses are;
  • are able to use NCAT assessment data to show improved student learning and reduced instructional costs if applicable;
  • have the opportunity to change their materials if they are shown to be less appealing in comparison with others in improving student learning and reducing instructional costs;
  • have the opportunity to learn from faculty actively engaged in course redesign about which content topics are not well covered and why, thus identifying what gaps need to be filled and might be developed by their company; and,
  • have a firsthand opportunity to learn about campus-developed materials that have the potential for commercialization.

Benefits to Institutions

Institutions working with NCAT have a direct link to commercial content and software providers as they are going through the redesign process. That direct link provides both increased knowledge of what has already been developed and what is in the development pipeline as well as an additional opportunity to work directly with these companies to make necessary changes to their products in order to better meet course redesign goals.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Jarmon at or 518.695.5320.