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The Roadmap to Redesign (R2R)

Precalculus Mathematics Course Materials

The Precalculus Mathematics practice has created a virtual repository of research-based course materials to be used by other institutions in the R2R redesign process. Virginia Tech has created a manual of practical advice about tutoring in an emporium. Although some comments may be specific to VT, most of the ideas would be applicable in all emporia models.

Course materials are listed below by institution and by course. Follow the links to find out which course materials most closely match the course you intend to redesign.

  • Sources

Many of the course materials are commercially available and may be purchased directly by institutions or by students. In several instances, practice institutions have modified commercial materials with permission of the publisher, either to improve their quality or to make them available online. In addition, a number of course materials have been developed by practice institutions.

  • Formats

Most course materials are available in both Blackboard and WebCT formats or in widely available formats (web pages, Word or Excel files) that can easily be used in any campus setting. A few materials have been created in specialized formats, which have specific technical requirements in order to use them.

Each description includes information about the materials formats as well as how to preview them and how to obtain them for use in other redesign projects.

Rio Salado College
Contact: John Jensen

University of Alabama
Contact: Joe Benson

University of Idaho
Contact: Kirk Trigsted

Virginia Tech
Contact: John Rossi


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